After thirteen “analogue” events, Debates on Europe moved into the digital sphere with Debates Digital: Text & Talks. This autumn, we continue with a series of one-on-one talks, revisiting some European hotspots to reassess the situation.

Today, Iryna Vidanava, publisher and media expert, joins us from Minsk. Speaking about the protests that have rocked Belarus these past months, her message to people and politicians in Europe is clear: Don’t forget that for us this is about Human Rights, not geopolitics.

A special talk focussing on the current protests at the Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts, featuring László F. Földényi and Günter Blamberger.

Günter Blamberger is Professor (emer.) of Modern German Literature at the University of Cologne, where he heads the International College Morphomata, a Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities, and the World Literature Festival Poetica. Since 1996 he has been president of the Heinrich von Kleist Society and since 2015 a full member of the German Academy for Language and Literature.

László F. Földényi is a cultural historian. He is considered one of Hungary’s most renowned intellectuals. In his role as a professor, he heads the Chair of Art Theory at the University for Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. Since 2009, he is a member of the German Academy for Language and Literature. In 2020, he received the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding for »Lob der Melancholie«.